Graphalytics is a big data benchmark for graph-processing platforms.


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Talks/Presentations (selected):

  1. Talk on Graphalytics at Ninth TUC Meeting, SAP Headquarters in Walldorf Germany, February 9+10 2017. SAP, Walldorf, Germany. February 2017.
  2. Keynote on LDBC Graphalytics: from benchmarking to performance engineering of large-scale graph-processing systems In PELGA'16, Euro-Par Workshops, Grenoble, France. August 2016.
  3. Talk on LDBC Graphalytics: benchmarking large-scale graph-processing systems In In Graph-TA, Barcelona, Spain. March 2016.


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Sponsors and Participants:

TU Delft, the Netherlands
Oracle Labs, SF, CA, USA
Intel Labs, Portland, OR, USA
UPC Barcelona, Spain
University of Amsterdam, the Netherlands
CWI Amsterdam, the Netherlands
Delft Data Science, the Netherlands
CWI Amsterdam, the Netherlands
CWI Amsterdam, the Netherlands

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